Terms and Conditions

 Process of purchase:

1/ place the chosen product in the cart; click on the cart (the cart block is at the right-top corner)
2/ if you want to continue; click on continue, if you finished; click on checkout then on payment menu
3/ chose a billing address, then read the conditions of shipment carefully and click on Review order
4/ you can re-read and check your orders on the upcoming diagram, and in case you found everything correct click on submit order
Your ordering process has finished, of which we receive an information email and fulfil the shipment of the chosen product to your shipment address (read the shipment time menu carefully in the below Terms of Use)
If it comes to shipment we call you and agree on an appropriate date of delivery.
If the ordered product has been delivered you have to pay by COD for the product.
Act CLXIV of 2005 on Trade denotes e-commerce as internet commerce.
Our General Terms and Conditions were defined on the basis of the Act CLXIV of 2005 on Trade about internet commerce and of the Act CVIII of 2001 and also on the basis of the Act XXII of 2007 on the amendments necessary for the execution of legal community acts on the processes and cooperation of competent national authorities liable for the application of consumer protection laws.
Product material sold on our webpage consists of the supply of our overseas production partners; these products are sold and shipped by our company.
Virtual purchase takes place here on our web bazaar.
1/ Buyer can chose out of the total source of the bazaar and consequent to the registration products can be purchased by placing them into the virtual cart using its exact identification code.
An electric verification reply (email) is created after the ordering, one received by the buyer; other by our web store.
The purchase order includes a list of products ordered by the buyer, number and quantity by size and colour, price and postage rate with VAT, mode of shipment, date of ordering, information on the customer agreement such as replace and return policy, withdrawal, and information on complaint procedures, the name, principal address, site address, tax number, address of the purchase-conducting company, contact person\'s name, telephone number and email address.
Apart from these special data can be included in the verification reply such as details of buyer data, exact name, address and tax number of the invoice claimant, and EU tax number in case of foreign buyers.
2/ Orderings can be fixed via cell phone texts, cell phone calls, fax, all of which are verified in written replies with the same content as described in paragraph 1/ via email, fax or postal mail.
In case certain high value products are ordered custom-built we ask for 30% deposit whereas ordering is realized at the time of the deposit arrival in our company. If such case takes place our verification reply includes the amount of the deposit and the probable date of production accomplishment. We inform buyers via cell phone or written mail in these cases.
VAT is not included in the prices on the web store; thus all prices are net prices without the 27% VAT We have "canceled" the VAT so the prices are the gross prices! (since prices for our customers with EU tax numbers do not include VAT our system calculates EU prices from the net totals).
In spite of this we inform the buyers about the VAT included prices in the detailed descriptions of products.
Also we inform buyers about the normal price of the product, the total of the VAT and the shipment price.

Terms of Purchase:

The execution of the ordering takes place as described above.
I/ Process of purchase in case of normal purchase:
Registration- cart – ordering- written verification reply on the ordering- shipment-paying by COD- delivery of product.
II/ Process of purchase in case of deposit payment:
Registration – cart - ordering - 30 % deposit via postal payment - written verification of deposit payment - information call or email about the production accomplishment – shipment - payment of the 70% of the product price by COD - delivery.

Shipping time & prices:

1. zone: Austria, Slovakia,
Shipping time: 1-2 days
0 - 20  kg -  17 euro
20- 31,5 kg - 19 euro

2. zone: Germany, 
Shipping time: 2-3 days
0 - 20    kg - 20 euro
20- 31,5 kg -  22 euro

3. zone: Czech Republic,  Holland, Luxemburg, Italy, Romania, Belgium
0  - 20  kg -  23  euro
20- 31,5 kg - 25  euro

Czech Republic: 2-3 days
Romania: 2 days
Holland, Luxemburg, Italy, Belgium: 3-4 days


4. zone: England, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Slovenia
 0 -20 kg - 26 euro
20- 31,5 kg - 29 euro

England: 4-5 days
Denmark, France 4 days
Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia 3 days


5. zone: Estonia, Croatia, Latvi, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden
0 -20 kg - 32 euro
20-31,5 kg - 35 euro

Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden: 4-5 days
Latvi: 6 days


6. zone: Finland, Greece, Portugalia
0 -20     kg - 39 euro
20-31,5 kg - 42 euro
Greece Crete: +4 euro, Other greek islands: +11 euro

Finland, Portugalia: 4-5 days
Greece: 3 days


7. zone Ireland
0 -20 kg - 56 euro
20-31,5 kg - 60 euro

Shipping time: 5 days


International shipping time is the specified (business) days from the posting.

a/ If the product is found in our store in Hungary shipping time is the specified (business) days from the posting.

b/ In case we are not in hold of a product we send the order to our partner; and if it is on their storage in appropriate size and colour delivery is accomplished within approximately 3-4 weeks or the displayed time at the products (~2-4 weeks)

c/ In case our remote partner does not have the product on storage in appropriate size and colour it has to be applied for; which makes delivery possible within 4-8 weeks.
In cases of b/ and c/ we always inform buyers via cell phone or email about the probable time of the shipment after arranging with the factory and the buyer.

In case of shipment within Hungary; expenses of packing and shipment is 1.500-ft, which charges the buyer and includes VAT.
In case of shipment abroad of Hungary we give special information about external shipment prices based on the below-mentioned.
In case of shipment abroad shipment price depends on the whereabouts of the country, the city in the country, the total weight and value of the pack, and its insurance amount.
In case of shipment abroad we individually get informed about the actual postage, currency and foreign currency rates; then we inform each buyer in written form.

Possible modes of payment from abroad:

-         postal cheque
-         via west union service
-         transferring on a bank account
In case of ordering from abroad we also arrange the mode of payment via phone calls and emails. In the verification reply we separately indicate this mode of payment together with all of those in 1/ and also we will indicate our bank account number in case of bank transfers.
We terminate orders daily. In case of orders from the same buyer in consecutive days (if the first order has not been shipped) we pack the two items in one package, thus ship them as one item charging you only one single shipment fee.
When delivery, please check if the package is intact in the presence of the postal attendant.

Withdrawal of contracts and orders:

Within 8 bank days from the contract signing, thus the ordering; buyer can withdraw from the contract without any notice.
The 8 day deadline is counted from the day the buyer receives the information or in this case when she/he receives verification reply of the order via email or fax.
Exceptions are below-mentioned cases when the buyer cannot exercise her/his right to withdraw:

-         in case our company started the shipment with the consent of the buyer within the 8 day withdraw deadline
-         in case of products that were made with the buyer’s instructions, or specific demands (except for the cases when the manufacturer overruns his shipment time, including purchases of type c/ )
If the buyer paid for the product before withdrawal or paid deposit our company is bound to repay the amount immediately or at most within 30 days following the act of withdrawal.
Reshipment fees occurring as a result of the withdrawal exercise charge the buyer, but not anything apart from that.
Still our company is entitled to claim for damages refund due to goods that has been not used for a purpose or with a process normally intended for goods.
Our company cannot claim for refund from the buyer in case we ship products that the buyer had not ordered before.

Replacement, return:

Terms of replacement and return:
- the product cannot be in apparently used condition
- authentic invoice or voucher can be produced
Within 3 days after delivery our company replaces the product if the buyer passes it via postal or other way to our site address within due time.
In this case reshipment fees charge the buyer, then our company ships the replacement product forthwith, considering cases of /, b/, c/ of shipment.
In the above case if the product was defective fees of the replacement product shipment charges our company; if the product is not replaced out of our failure or production failure it charges the buyer.
If the buyer returns the product to our site address within 3 days from delivery our company refunds the purchase price of the product within due time, but at most 30 days after we have received the product in our site address.
Data security:
Providing all the necessary private data in the process of order is unavoidable (name, address, cell phone number, email address) which is used in secured close system of the system provider.
These data are handled in confidentiality and is not disclosed to a third party.
Provider does not disclose any specific pieces of information to a third party neither about the buyers nor the orderings.

Customer Care, complaints:


Cell number:
+36 70 338 3312
+36 70 331 2193
Email address:

You can visit our store site and check the supply in Austria Graz prior to a phone arrangement.



Size table


- Measure always tightly at the body, because the sizes which can be found in the table are so-called "body sizes".

- Merely the underwear, or corset leaves it on yourself, and straightens up

- Ask somebody to help because the measurement will be more accurate in that manner.

- All sizes are granted in a centimetre

- In the product descriptions the size of the side-longitudes are always without the part of waist, and it is granted to the bottom of the trousers



Breast size horizontal girth around where the strongest the breast

Under breast size: horizontal girth around under-breast  

Waist size: or the girth of the waist: measure your body around the waist, not too tightly

Hip size: measure from the waist through the hip to the sole