About me

In 1999, I fell in love in the Eastern music, and I got to know the oriental dance.

The oriental dance is a dance genre, which provide us with the artistic movement form expresses the east.
Since then szerelmemmé, lételememmé movement has become a wonderful world.
This dance megszépit soul body, graceful feminine magic.
Cause incredible joy every part unturned.
Waist, back pain fails, boldogsághormont releases.
Make more confident, self-confidence gives you the benefit of actions by a sense of achievement.
Anyone can dance from the age of testalkattól independently.
For me, it gives these huge energy, renews, it choreographies dream.
I started in Budapest táncolni.Több renowned national instructors learned Tiát who emphasize the true master of the dance, I tanításnak..azóta is my master.

It is very important to me that the dance is not only learned the techniques, but also feelings of self-expression, to experience, playfulness, heart to add.

The real dancers and the music can be felt and understood its broadcast mode of expression.

After all, should not only be practiced in a groovy dance choreography of the body, but the face, the eyes, the look, the hair can "dance" into making their own little gesztusainkat, and most importantly, our hearts, our souls, our feelings. . The dancer kifjező, radiant, emotional.

I have numerous work-shop on part over the years, prominent Egyptian, Canadian, American, German master dancers enriched my knowledge.
Hungary for more competitions and festivals I attended during that time, and I got the next one Competitions' expressive dance "award.

- I performed regularly in Egypt to Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, Mansurában etc. 5 years..
- Home numerous festivals, bachelor, partys, corporate events, hotels, Pub-in, discos, restaurants, theaters Meeting Epte up.

Kezdöktöl to advanced, private student choreography are ready action to organize.

In summary, the motto: "DANCE FOREVER - FOREVER LOVE !!"